Our experienced installation and commissioning teams will accurately interpret the client’s needs and liaise closely at all stages of the project to ensure all aspects of our turnkey solution are controlled, paying particular attention to quality control and asset integrity.

We have invested in a wide range of specialist equipment over the years including vacuum and dry air pumps, digital test sets and bespoke lifting sets to ensure asset integrity during erection.

 A full range of testing solutions can be applied to confirm the integrity of the unit including control and protection equipment; with testing schedules tailored to meet the client’s requirements.

Teams work closely with heavy haulage contractors to plan and oversee the delivery, offloading and final positioning of units; performing integrity tests before the erection of ancillary equipment

We supervise the handling, filling and processing of mineral oil and synthetic fluids using specialist contractors to ensure we fully control quality assurance and unit integrity for operation.

Wilatrans Engineering can provide specialist Equipment Maintenance, Refurbishment, Replacement and/or Installation Services to Electricity Transmission and Distribution companies and contracting businesses using:

  1. The considerable knowledge of its experienced staff,
  2. It’s proven engineering design and manufacturing capability,
  3. It’s businesses processes and quality systems and
  4. It’s commitment to innovation

We work with the Electricity Transmission and Distribution Company concerned (or their service provider) to provide the specialist equipment maintenance, condition assessment, refurbishment, replacement or installation services required. The specialist advice can include:

The review of asset condition and risk

A report on maintenance, refurbishment or replacement options for the equipment in question.

These specialist services include:

  1. Refurbishment of the required equipment
  2. Installation of the refurbished replacement or new equipment or
  3. Improving the operational effectiveness of key items of existing equipment.

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